Balloon Fiesta
Special Shapes Balloon Glow

The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta lasts about 10 days every October. Each day there is a huge mass ascension in the morning where hundreds of balloons take off starting at about 7am. The local tv stations cover the morning festivities live, like a parade. In the evening they have a balloon glow where the balloons are inflated on the field and everyone gets to walk around them. (they don't take off in the evening) After the sun goes down they light up their burners and the balloons glow. We decided to go to the special shapes balloon glow. That evening all of the balloon had to be shaped like something. Rachel was a little concerned the first time she heard the burners, but then she relaxed and had a great time. For more information on the balloon fiesta go to

Inflating the Balloons

Scarecrow, chiles, and toad stool
with mountains in the background

Beautiful Glow!!

More Balloon Pictures

Created 9 Oct 04