Las Vegas Vacation
May 2008

Rachel was very excited to go to Las Vegas. We had shown her pictures of the hotel and all she could talk about for weeks leading up to the trip was swimming in the many pools. Our 29th floor hotel room had a perfect view of the wave pool, the river pool, and the other normal pools. And Rachel was stuck in the hotel room most of the week staring at the pools since Sarah got sick the second day of the trip. Rachel did get to go swimming, but only twice.

The one thing Rachel wanted to do all week.

The one thing Dad wanted to see (Hoover Dam).

All the colors in the world and she wanted to get brown for Dad.

Rachel enjoyed the M&M store. Who whouldn't?

We all enjoyed the Rainforest Cafe.

Rachel like all of the animals at the Rainforest Cafe.

Rachel inside the Luxor pyramid hotel (next door to our hotel).

Created 13 Jun 08